Adam is a Management Consultant with more than ten years experience helping teams meet challenging project goals. His passion are Enterprise Architectures, Agile Software Engineering, and Agile Project Management.
Adam loves combining software engineering with the business world.
In his private life Adam collects old typewriters and Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
He is big fan of Rugby, portuguese cuisine and old Polish cars.


IT Strategy, Agile Organization, Management, Leadership, Project Management, Agile Project Management, Nearshore Project Management, Offshore Project Management, Requirements Engineering, Risk Management, Scrum, Kanban, Commitment-based Project Management

Management Experience

Management Consultant, Black belt, Competence Unit Manager (Team Manager of 8 consultants with personnel and expertise responsibility)


Agile Architecture, Business Architecture, Event Driven Architecture, Clean Architecture, Big Data Architecture, Cloud Architecture, Lean Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Architecture Management, Architecture Governance, Architecture Assessment, Architecture Review, Architecture Trade-off Analysis Method, Open Infrastructure Architecture Method, Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Application Integration, Domain Driven Design, Business Process Intelligence, Business Process Management, Operational Intelligence

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Financial services, insurance, real estate, telecommunications, retail, energy


Java Enterprise, .NET Framework

Early Adopter

JavaScript, AngularJS, ExpressJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, REST


Enterprise Architecture Coach, Agile Coach
BPMN Trainer, AngularJS Trainer

Yes, I do collect historical typewriters.
And yes, I do collect old personal computers from the Sinclair family.
And yes, I like cooking and I do it good. Favourite dish? Sopa da pedra.
And yes, I love Rugby. Favourite team? Hm, I think Italy, but I like France and Ireland too.
And yes, I'm big fan of the old polish cars. Do you know Polski Fiat 126p? You should.
And yes, I love Brazil too, because of my beautiful brazilian wife Irlene.
And yes, I love to learn because of my wonderful mother Bozenka.
And yes, I have full respect what the young generation has to be prepared for, due to my fantastic son, Alexander.

And yes, it is not the end of this list...